President's Message

Dear PDPS family,

Assalam o Alaikum

I am humbled and honored to serve in capacity as President of Pakistani Descent Physician Society for year 2020. First I would like to offer my sincere thanks to all my team members who are willing to serve the society, I also want to offer my sincere thanks to our dedicated members and supporters knowing that without their support the society would not function. As all of us are aware that our society has goals which are outlined in our bylaws. Our team will continue implementing those goals with sincerity and honesty. We want to have an open door policy and want to keep society open for suggestions and feedback from its sincere members and supporters. We request active participation and contribution from all of you to make this year successful.

We believe our only way forward is to be part of the fabric of American society. We will continue to add value to others through our programs and services. We realize that our influence will be determined by how much did we place others interest before our own.

We want to embark on following projects in year 2020 with your support and blessings.

  • Become part of mainstream Illinois organizations by joining hands with like-minded organizations without losing our own individual identity. Some of the organizations which we have identified are CMS, CIOGC, CMMA, ICNA and CCN.
  • We want to play prominent role in providing health care at primary level by expanding our clinic operations and joining hands with APPNA/ICNA mobile clinic.
  • Zakat eligible projects-APPNA/ICNA mobile clinic, PPS clinic and charity project in Pakistan.
  • Participating extensively in humanitarian and relief projects in our adopted land. For that purpose, a dedicated Social Welfare & Disaster Relief committee has been established similar to previous years.
  • Directing efforts for Advocacy by maintaining open and active channels with US lawmakers in order to educate on issues related to healthcare and physician benefits, both in general as well as for International Medical graduates.
  • Youth career guidance, counselling and talent show. We will have at least two major programs targeting youth audience. The society wants to show by its actions that youth are integral part of our society.
  • We have an ambitious target of adding at least 100 new lifetime members with our membership drive to take our society to next level and encouraging present members to be more vocal and participate. Hopefully this will help us make our society more influential.
  • Charity at home, we plan to sponsor bullet proof vests to local police as well as support local food pantries.
  • PPS House is considered as one of the important PPS asset and will continue to serve young physicians from Pakistan with subsidized housing.
  • We plan to take CME international trip to Egypt, Jordan and Jerusalem. These trips not only bring income to society and also appreciated by APPNA chapters across USA. This year international trip will take place during June 11-21.
  • We will also have fundraising Iftar on second Saturday of Ramadan 2020. We request your active participation to support our projects.
  • Other programs include our annual picnic after Eid Ul Fitr, fall annual meeting in September, two programs for youth and PPS ladies night to keep fun and atmosphere of jubilation alive throughout the year. We will have list and dates of our events available at our website so all of you could save the dates and participate.

Our team requests your support, best wishes and prayers. Let’s work together to make PPS stronger organization which will keep adding value to others while providing a safe social and professional platform for its members and supporters.

Long live Pakistan and Long live USA!


Dr Amin Ur Rehman Nadeem along with team of officers and council members