President's Message

Dear PDPS Members,

Assalam o Alaikum

I just want to start off by saying that I am extremely humbled and honored to serve as your PPS president for 2021, and I thank each and every one of you for providing me with the gracious opportunity to be able to do so. PDPSIL is one of the most vibrant chapters of APPNA, and we are proud of our achievements and projects that help our community irrespective of race, cast or creed.

I’d like to take this time to give my sincerest thanks to all of the dedicated members and supporters who have agreed to work tirelessly and selflessly in devotion to the community projects for the upcoming chapter year and without whom, our society would not function. As former US president Henry Ford eloquently stated “Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is success.” We will continue to work together in order to give back to the communities that we belong to, while strengthening our ties to our home of Pakistan.

As next year's president I look forward to working under the mentorship of our senior leaders and respectful society members. My vision is to strengthen PPS financially, to sustain ongoing projects and to continue to focus on our mission of Mentoring, Education, healthcare, advocacy, Service and Charity.

Additionally, I'd like to carry my vision of prioritizing accountability, transparency, and communication in the office as your president by selflessly working for the betterment of PPS, and I personally will do my utmost to justify this trust.. As a society, we will also be adhering more closely to our Bylaws and following those guidelines set forth for us ,with more sensitivity and honesty.We have a few things which need working on and will try our best to ensure that we are effectively and clearly communicating with our members with regards to our progress. We welcome any kind of suggestions and feedback throughout this entire process as unity and faith is the road to success.

I'd also take this time to acknowledge that the current COVID 19 pandemic has had a disruptive impact in multiple ways and some of these repercussions may be long-lasting. The economic recession that we have in front of us is likely to be challenging in terms of mental and physical health and lack of enough finances to meet daily needs can further amplify the negative consequences. We will continue to work diligently to help the community for the relief of pain and suffering they are facing in this pandemic.

Our path is one filled with difficulties but nothing worth achieving in life comes without the hard work and dedication of a passionate group of individuals determined to make a long-lasting, profound impact on the lives of others. I am humbled to be working alongside such a determined group of fellow Pakistanis and together, I believe there is nothing we cannot accomplish.


Pakistan Zindabad